Quran Cube Super Soft Prayer Mat Set

Increase & Improve Your Worship With The Quran Cube Super Soft Padded Prayer Mat. Specially Designed Padded Foam to Help You Feel At Ease Whilst Worshipping Your Lord.
  • Simple & Elegant – White/Black & Gold Design
  • Helps You Keep Your Concentration On Your Salaah And Keep Distractions At A Minimum.
  • Anti Slip Backing – Stops The Prayer Mat Moving Around Whilst You Are Praying.
  • Dua Book – 40 Rabbana Dua’s From The Quran & 40 Durood’s / Blessing’s Upon Our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Use The Dua Book To Help Gain Closeness To Our Lord Allah SWT & Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  • Tasbeeh – Increase In The Zikr / Remembrance Of Allah
Care Instructions:
  • Do Not Machine Wash
  • Do Not bleach
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Iron
  • Dry Cleanable