Upright Bakhoor eBurner

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Gone are the days of having to light coals to access the unique aroma of Bakhoor.

This revolutionary burner is fully electric meaning all you need to do is add a little Bakhoor and hit the switch.

Experience the undiluted aroma of pure Bakhoor.

  • Expertly engineered for safety, durability and ease of use
  • Available in Black & Gold or White & Gold
  • Gift Box Included
  • 90g Bakhoor Box Included with 'Black eBurner with Bakhoor' and 'White eBurner with Bakhoor'
  • This burner provides intermittent smoke not constant due to it been operated by Battery, Burner will cut out after 90 seconds for safety, it can be switched on again after 30 seconds.
  • Size 16.1;5.46;4.1cm
  • Battery time approx 10-15mins
  • Please note this burner will only take standard Bakhoor not any other incense.
  • Maximum charging plug to be used is 5V 1A, PLEASE DO NOT USE STANDARD FAST CHARGING PHONE PLUGS!



Customer Reviews

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Very stylish

Sara Al-Abdulla
Best bakhoor eBurner I’ve ever tried

I love it. It’s very practical and the charge lasts for a good amount of time.. i tried one and i loved it then i purchased 8 more for my friends :) i would totally recommend it..!

Alice Harbourne
Amazing purchase

Great purchase for home and car, really nice and compact.

Miriam Bham
Happy with purchase

A lovely gift to give as well as one to own.
Sleek and sophisticated design user friendly and burns bukhoor as puffs of white aroma. Beautiful to look at and delivers a wonderful scent that wafts in the room leaving a lingering distinctly bukhoor aroma.

Sara K

Very happy with this item! Packaging was great and the quality is amazing ☺️