Home Pod Bakhoor eBurner

£39.99 £45.99

Gone are the days of having to light coals to access the unique aroma of Bakhoor.
This revolutionary burner is fully electric meaning all you need to do is add a little Bakhoor and hit the switch.

Larger in size compared to our other eBurners, this product is designed to add a decorative touch to its setting while enhancing the aroma.

  • Expertly engineered for safety, durability and ease of use
  • Available in Black & Gold or White & Gold
  • Gift Box Included
  • Heat Plates are no longer required with our new 2.0 Version so they will not be provided.
  • This burner provides intermittent smoke not constant due to it been operated by Battery.


Width: 11CM

Height 8.5CM